Monday, March 1, 2010

Max on used parts program

Used parts 002

It seems as though our new “Used Parts Program” is already experiencing some success. If you missed it, see Feb. 17th, blog entry UPDATE ON ‘USED PARTS’ PROJECT.

Below is an email announcement from Max Lewis II, Branch Manager in Valdosta, highlighting how he recently utilized the new program.

“This program helped me out greatly. I had a 7FBEU15 rental loose a drive unit. The parts to rental were over 4K alone. Ed found me a used drive unit and Lummie met me half way with it. We were able to fix the truck in under 24 hours and saved the company a lot of money. A Big thanks to Ed and Lummie”.

Max Lewis II

Branch Operations Manager

 Southern States TOYOTA Lift

Valdosta Ga.

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