Thursday, March 11, 2010

Used Equipment Showroom


“NEW IDEA” from ValdostaUsed trucks

According to Max Lewis-Branch Ops. Mgr and Jody Hall-Territory Manager, things are picking up in Valdosta.  We are seeing a fairly significant level of customers stopping in to look at equipment.  Max’s idea was to be ‘Customer Ready’ at all times by having a place to take a customer to immediately to show an array of used equipment available. Therefore a used equipment showroom is being developed to meet this new demand.

Jody now can suggest to customers that they can stop in and see the equipment if he is not there, and be confident of what they will see.  Max has been a good ‘pinch hitter’ according to Jody and has done well hosting accounts and doing a good walk-around.

This is ‘TEAM-WORK’ in action!

Good things happening and the economy appears to be gaining some steam.

If you are doing something special or a little ‘out of the box’, or maybe just different for you, send it in.  We need all of the good ideas we can find.

Great Job TEAM—Valdosta!


-Jeff Fischer

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