Thursday, October 7, 2010

August Employee of the Month

Florida Lift Systems Forklift Service at It’s Best!

IMG_8247We wanted to thank Robert “Bob” Morris for achieving “Employee of the Month” for August. He was nominated by Roy Benefield, our Columbus Branch Ops Manager and Olga MacLellan, our Tampa Branch Ops Manager. Bob Morris is our second ever “employee of the month” for the month of August. Bob has been an employee of Florida Lift Systems since 11/16/1986. I have heard Bob mention many times, “you know I will do anything for this company.” Anyone can say that but driving eight hours on a Sunday to help a group of people who he has never met before, and really has no ties to, is Teamwork and shows Initiative; two very important values on FLS/SST.

Congratulations Bob!

Please read below to find out how he was nominated for employee of the month.

“I would like to recognize Bob Morris for his willingness to go anywhere and do anything that is required.  Recently he was asked to go to Columbus, GA for a week and help out in the shop and on the road.  Bob accepted willingly, traveled up on a Sunday and worked hard all week.  Roy Benefield was extremely pleased with Bob and was hoping Bob would be willing to relocate…:-)”

- written by Olga MacLellan.