Wednesday, February 17, 2010




Used parts 001

As you can see, we are actively creating a good size inventory of pre-owned parts that we can use for customers and our own used and rental fleets.  Please be aware of the fact we are doing this and that we can, more than likely, help you with parts off of 5 and 7-series electrics and 7-series IC trucks. 

This will save us all money and helps us get on the road to recovery!

The young man shown below, Conbralius “C” Thomas, is a former apprentice—turned ‘young professional technician’ that just rebuilt the tranny in this old 5 series and we are selling it now. This is his first one.

Used parts 005 (1)

Edd Orlowski wanted to get this fine picture out to help spread the word that the parts inventory is growing and that we are already taking advantage of the wealth of pre-owned parts to serve our customers when they most need cost efficient, reliable parts.

Used parts and inventory will soon be available via our website. This is one project of many currently in progress that will comprise a complete overhaul to our current site.

Please share with your teams.  THINK USED, THINK SAVINGS, THINK RECOVERY.

-Jeff Fischer

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