Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ask Your Technician


Mast Carriage Rollers and Side Thrust Rollers

Toyota is always working to increase the reliability and safety of every product. As the newest product bulletin from Toyota Material Handling shows, applications that require the operator to handle loads that are not centered with the mast can lead to accelerated wear and/or damage to the mast and attachment. As shown in the picture below, additional side thrust rollers, carriage rollers or both, should be considered to improve longevity of the mast and critical mast components.


Operations that lead to such offset loading configurations often (but not always) involve lift trucks outfitted with hydraulic attachments such as single-doubles, rotators, bale clamps, paper roll clamps, carton clamps, etc. To proactively address potential issues associated with accelerated wear due to offset loading, it is critical for dealers to perform on site inspections prior to placing any new equipment into service. If your operations involve any offset loading, ask your salesman before buying new equipment, or if you have used models, ask your technician if this addition is right for you.



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