Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Steve Crawford-Employee of the Month!

Employee of the month

Sorry we were late in publishing this information, but it's better late than never.  We wanted to thank Steve Crawford for the time he spent with a very special customer of ours in Macon, GA. Steve Dunn our Macon Branch Ops Manager, wanted to make sure that Steve was recognized in some way.  Steve Crawford is our first ever “employee of the month.” Steve Crawford is a service technician in our Ocala branch.  So in addition to his stellar feedback, we want to thank him for traveling the distance to help this customer. Steve has been an employee of TMH Acquisitions, LLC since we acquired Handling Systems Engineering in May of 2004. He started with Handling Systems Engineering in September of 1999.

Congratulations Steve!

Please read below to find out how he was nominated for employee of the month.

“I just wanted to THANK you for sending Steve Crawford to Macon this week. He walked into a very tough situation and handled it with the utmost professionalism. It was a privilege to work with him … side by side trying to help this customer through a very tough time. His work ethic and attitude was commented on by the customer… They were hoping he could come back. He has helped us and the customer resurrect units that many others would have just left for “dead” and will be leaving the customer in “better shape then they have been in over a year,” customer commented”.                        (written by Steve Dunn)


Written by Kristine Coyer, HRM

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